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Confederate Naval Officers Sword by Courtney, Tenant & Company
This rare example Confederate Naval Officers sword was designed for the C.S. Navy by Commander George T. Sinclair, once captain of the ironclad CSS Atlanta (converted from the blockade-runner Fingal) and one of the Navy's purchasing agents in England beginning in 1862. Only a few hundred of these rare Confederate swords were manufactured, making surviving examples extremely rare. These examples were embellished with traditional naval motifs, including the head of a mythical sea serpent at the pommel, intertwined serpents on the drag of the leather scabbard, and coils of ropes for the ring bands. Cast into the guard is a fouled anchor over crossed cannon., the insignia of the C.S.Navy, on either side of which are tobacco leaves and cotton plants, symbolizing the commercial wealth of the South. The blades were etched with the same symbols as well as a Confederate first national-pattern flag. This example was manufactured by Robert Mole and Son, the high-quality cutlery makers in Birmingham, but marked for retail sale with the stamp of Courtney, Tenant, and Company of Charleston, South Carolina. William C. Courtney lived in London for most of the war while his company served as the Confederate Navy's commission house in England, not unlike Sinclair, Hamilton, and Company for the army. This is an exceptional condition Courtney, Tennent, and Company Naval Officers Sword by retailer in Charleston, South Carolina.          
CS Acquisitions Militaria
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Sale Price: $34,000.00 USD
For additional information call: 804-536-6413
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