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Richmond Arsenal Artillery Crate
Richmond, Virginia served as the Capital of the Confederate States of America for almost the entirety of the American Civil War. This Richmond Arsenal Artillery Crate was manufactured at the "Richmond Arsenal" (1861-1865). The Confederate Arsenal was established in 1861 at the beginning of the Civil War by Confederate Major Josiah Gorgas on Byrd Island in Richmond, Va. It was initially established as a State Arsenal until the Confederate Government was organized. It was destroyed during the fall of Richmond in April 1865. This featured Richmond Arsenal Artillery Ammunition Crate is stenciled on top of crate lid Lt. Caskie, Staunton River Bridge. Lt. Caskie was under the command of Lee's Cavalry Division, under Chambliss BDE BG J.R. with Chambliss in command of the 10th Virginia Cavalry. Lt. Caskie commanded a Artillery position at the Staunton River Bridge in Randolph, Virginia. This crate was manufactured in July 1864 and survives in a "near perfect" state of original preservation to include its original top that is stenciled to its intended receiver & destination by the Richmond Arsenal. (Lt. Caskie Staunton River Bridge). The interior of the crate lid is stenciled, as inspected by Richmond Arsenal inspector Lieutenant L.Duncan. "INSPECTED" 1864 By Lieut.L.L.DUNCAN. This example still retains all of its original paint turned to a plumb color and stenciled in white paint  "126 lbs 8ct Lgt 12 Pdr, Gun Cases, Fixed Fuses & Friction Primers, Richmond Arsenal July 1864. This original Confederate Artillery crate survives as "one of the finest condition" extant examples known to exist. Exceptionally rare.    

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