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Mobile Alabama Artillery Short Sword
Exceptionally rare Mobile, Alabama manufactured Confederate Short Artillery Sword. Overall length of 26 inches. A seldom encountered CS Short Artillery Sword with its original scabbard. Hand guard CS Ordnance stamped with four X cross-hatches to scabbard assembly marks. Scabbard throat and drag riveted to leather scabbard. There are very few known surviving examples with or without their accompanying scabbards. At the onset of the Civil war various temporary Ordnance works grew up out of existing foundries, machine shops, railroad repair shops the few U.S. Arsenal and Ordnance depots. The main of these in the early part of the war were Richmond, Virginia, Fayetteville, N.C., Charleston, S.C., Augusta, G.A., Savannah & Macon, G.A., Nashville and Memphis, Tenn, Mt. Vernon and Montgomery, Ala, New Orleans & Baton Rouge, La, Little Rock, Ark, and San Antonio and Houston, Texas. Others were added such as Columbia, S.C. Atlanta & Columbus Ga, Selma, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi. Of these latter places Atlanta and Selma became the most important. It is the my belief this CS Artillery Short sword was produced at the Mobile Armory, in Alabama. As war began, Military fervor in Mobile was high, with many responding to recruitment drives for service in the Confederate Army. The Creole Guard and the Southern Guard were among those new troops that manned Mobile's defenses, as did the Mobile Cadats. The Pelham Cadets "1st Battalion Alabama Cadets served at Mobile and in various parts of Alabama in 1864 & 1865. The C.S.S. Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy vessel in combat, was built and tested in Mobile before  being shipped to Charleston, South Carolina. Brierfield Iron works and Tannehill Iron works were additional CS Government furnaces purchased from the Bib County Iron Company in 1863. The Tallassee Confederate Armory, was an 1844 cotton mill in Tallassee, utilized by the Confederacy. When the Confederacy feared for the security of Richmond, VA. a decesion was made to relocate Richmond Carbine production to an 1844 cotton mill in Tallassee. The Tallassee CS Armory is additionally known as one of the only Confederate Armories to survive the Civil War.                          

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