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Army of Tennessee Buckle
This featured example is known as the "Spun Hooks" pattern "Solid-Cast CS buckle. A circular pattern of lathe marks appear around the base of each belt hook. Gloss black enamel on background -a standard feature of this pattern. Typically considered an Army of Tennessee belt plate. This very rare example survives on it's original "painted linen" belt. Very few examples survive today, still retaining their original "issued" belts. Additionally, this belt and plate are actually published on the front cover of "Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates by Steve M. Mullinax Expanded Edition. Exceptionally rare example on it's original belt. CS Acquisitions provides a "Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity".    

CS Acquisitions Militaria
Price: $16,500.00 (Sold)
For additional information call: 804-536-6413
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