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Haiman Two Piece Officers Buckle
Pristine condition excavated CS Officers Two-Piece buckle, excavated in Georgia. Produced by Haiman & Brother Manufacturers of  Columbus, Georgia. Brothers Louis & Elijah Haiman produced an extensive array of arms for the Confederacy, with many CS contracts noted. Exceptional condition example, that conforms exactly to that of Plate 018 on page 18 of "Confederate Buckles & Plates" by Steve E. Mullinax Expanded Edition. This example dimensions: 48 X 79 mm / wreath ht.50mm.  CS Acquisitions provides a "LifeTime Guarantee" of Authenticity. 

CS Acquisitions Militaria
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Sale Price: $9,500.00 USD
For additional information call: 804-536-6413
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