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The Parisian LeMat #861
The LeMat "Grapeshot Revolver" was quite the innovative sidearm during the Civil War. Colonel Alexandre LeMat, served as military "aid-de-camp" to the then governor of Louisiana and probably attended the Congress in Montgomery, Alabama, that created the Confederate States of America on February 4th 1861. Utilized by the Confederacy, Alexandre LeMat's unique revolvers were well received by Confederate Officers for their unequaled delivery. These examples have a cylinder of nine chambers, with a 20 gauge lower shot gun barrel. These "rare" Parisian LeMat examples retain full octagon barrels, left side loading lever. This example is a transitional example with "first model pattern" spur trigger guard. Barrel marking COL. LeMat Bte S.G.D.G. Paris {in upper, and lower case type, also in block capitals, and old-style type or italics. The most significant difference between the Paris LeMats and the Liege LeMats is fitting and finishing. The Paris LeMats show much better workmanship as a general rule and the numbers are stamped more evenly. No. 861 is a Paris LeMat, with mixes of early and late features evenhandedly. Center switch makes it easy to to change the hammer nose position with one finger to fire revolver or shot barrels, but trigger-guard and frame assembly latch hark back to the earlier Belgian guns. On this example, the left-side loading lever has become standard. This is the actual example published on page 201 in the acclaimed reference LEMAT. THE MAN, THE GUN By Valmore J. Forgett & Alain F.Marie-Antoinette Serpette.   CS Acquisitions Militaria           

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