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1862 Richmond Rifle Musket
On April 18th, 1861 the U.S. Arsenal and Armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia  was captured by forces of the Commonwealth Virginia. The machinery for making .58 Rifle-Muskets for the U.S. Model 1855 pattern, was removed to Richmond, by Lieutenant-Colonel James Henry Burton, and placed temporarily in a tobacco warehouse. After refurbishment of the Old Virginia Armory, equipment was installed and Lt. Col. Burton was placed in charge of the operation. On August 23rd, 1861, the Virginia Armory was officially taken over by the Confederate government, after which it was know as the Richmond Armory. In 1862 the machinery for Rifle manufacturing was sent to the Armory at Fayetteville, North Carolina. Also in 1862, the Richmond stock-manufacturing machinery was first shipped to Atlanta and then to Macon, Georgia. From that point on, Richmond Armory was a assembling and finishing operation only. This exceptionally rare example, is designated as a Type II pattern Richmond Rifle Musket. "High" Humpback lock-plate marked Richmond, Va with CS stamping added above Richmond, Va, indicative of an example produced after the take over by the Confederate government. This rare pattern utilizes parts captured at Harpers Ferry, with iron butt-plate and iron nose-cap. This example is a Confederate manufactured Richmond longarm with Harpers Ferry-type proof barrel stamping i.e."V" over "P" over eagle head and 1862 barrel date. Rear site is three-leaf U.S.model 1858 type with the square ramp to rear base. A very rare Confederate manufactured arm that survives in an exceptional state of preservation.                               CS Acquisitions Museum   

CS Acquisitions Museum
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