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AVC Alabama Infantry Regiment
In February 1860, the Alabama state Legislature created the Alabama Volunteer Corps, of 74 organized companies with 8,150 men authorized. The 9th Regiment was organized at Richmond, Virginia, in May 1861, where moved to Winchester weeks later. The Regiment was at Manassas, Centerville until March 1862, then moving to Yorktown, Virginia. The 9th Regiment participated at Yorktown, Battle of Williamsburg and Seven Pines without severe losses. Under General Wilcox at the Battle of Gaines Mill and Frazier's Farm, the Regiment sustained severe losses. At the Battle of Gettysburg, the Brigade suffered 781 killed and wounded. The ninth participated at The Wilderness, Second Battle of Cold Harbor, Petersburg and to Appomattox. A remnant of the Ninth surrendered at Appomattox, of 1138 men on its rolls, 200 fell in battle, over 175 died of disease and 208 were discharged or transferred. This exceptionally rare haversack extant example was originally located in the state of Alabama. $12,500.00                     CS Acquisitions Museum.

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