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Mississippi Waist Belt Plate
The state seal of Mississippi has been in use since 1817, when the state was admitted into the Union as the 20th state. The seal portrays an American eagle with an olive branch in the right talon and arrows in the left. Mississippi became the second state to adopt an ordinance of Secession, at a convention assembled in Jackson, January 9th 1861. An exceptionally rare example, with very few known surviving plates of this pattern. Manufactured of cast brass, this example is accompanied on its original waist belt. Manufactured by Emerson Gaylord (ca.1860-1861), Gaylord reported to have manufactured accoutrements and plates for the South before the attack on Fort Sumter. In addition to Mississippi, Emerson supplied the states of Virginia, Alabama, Maryland and Georgia. This example measures 52mm x 88mm without keeper, with production number 505 stamping. This example survives in a excellent state of original preservation.                                 CS Acquisitions Museum.

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