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Virginia Manufactory Flintlock Musket
Virginia Manufactory, Second Model Variation I, flintlock musket dated 1817. The development of the Virginia Manufactory Muskets falls into three periods: 1802-1809, 1810-1811 and 1812-1821. This example is defined as the Second Model Virginia Manufactory Musket (1812-1821) dated 1817. There are two variations of this example noted, with this example defined as variation I. with rounded trigger guard finals, with barrel band springs located, forward of the lower and middle barrel bands. While many of the Virginia Manufactory muskets issued as Flintlocks subsequently were altered to percussion both by the Confederacy and the Commonwealth of Virginia, during 1861 most of the muskets issued served their recipients as flintlocks. Issue records of Virginia's Richmond Arsenal indicate approximately 7000 Virginia flintlock muskets were issued to various units from April 1861 through October 1861. This example has been professionally stored in the World-renowned McMurry collection since the 1930's, being in a state of  "absolute new" mint condition preservation. It is always an exceptional rarity, in the new discovery of any mint condition Civil War period arms, with discoveries of 200 year old Flintlock examples an extreme rarity. $23,900.00                                    CS Acquisitions Museum.      

CS Acquisitions Museum
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