In January, 1864, found Charles H. Rigdon and his machinery in Augusta, Georgia, forming a partnership with Jesse Ansley, J.A. Smith and Charles Keen, opening operations under the name of Rigdon-Ansley. Under the terms that Rigdon and Leech dissolved partnership, Rigdon was to continue the firm's original contract with the Confederate States for 1500 revolvers and the balance of this old contract was complected, with the guns still being stamped "Leech & Rigdon, CSA." although actually made by Rigdon-Ansley. After completion of 1500 revolvers, marked with the old firm name, the design of manufacture was changed somewhat and a few improvements were made. Foremost of these, were the substitution of twelve stops on the cylinder instead of the customary six stops, providing an additional safety measure. With this change, there was no need of safety pins between the nipples on the cylinder nor of slot in the hammer face to engage them. Another change, important in identifying the revolving , was that the solid frame was milled on the cylinder side with a channel for "spent" caps to be more easily "expelled." Another change on the Rigdon-Ansley was the addition of the "Colt type latch" for the loading lever, from the Leech & Rigdon "pin and ball" type catch on the loading lever. In Rigdon-Ansley production, there was no interruption to the serial numbers as originally started back in Columbus, Mississippi. After the serial number range 1600, the Rigdon-Ansley revolvers are stamped only with serial numbers and the letters "CSA" on the barrel top.This example is in an exceptional state of preservation.                           CS Acquisitions Museum     

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