Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket
Imported by the Confederacy in large numbers, was the exceptionally well made Pattern 1853 rifle musket. This pattern was considered the backbone of armament for the Confederate forces throughout the war. Type III pattern. Overall length of 55 inches, barrel length of 39 inches, marked 25 bore / .577 calibre, rifled with three broad lands and grooves. Birmingham Arms marked lock plate stamped 1861 over TOWER, with Crown stamped left of hammer. The butt plate, trigger guard, lock plate washers and nose cap of brass. The example is stamped with block letter "S' in front of numbered butt plate tang. The letter "S" represents the furnisher, W. Scott & Sons, as guns provided to fill the "furnishers" contract brokered by Sinclair, Hamilton & Company in October 1861 were all marked with a capital letter corresponding to the respective manufacturer. This example is engraved utilizing a Confederate numbering system, with inventory control number of 1507. JS over Anchor stamping is located behind the rear tang of trigger guard, representing Confederate viewer John Southgate, a contract viewer for the London Armoury Company. Exceptional example of a imported Confederate Pattern 1853 Type III Rifle Musket. CS Acquisitions Museum

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