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Thomas Griswold "Fort Hilt" Staff & Field Officers Sword
Immeasurably rare Confederate Staff Officers sword manufactured by Thomas Griswold & Company of New Orleans, Louisiana between 1861 to 1862. This firm operated from 1853 until early 1861 as Hyde & Goodrich. Operating as Thomas Griswold & Company in spring of 1861 until the end of the Civil War, Thomas Griswold & Company produced Officers swords of the very finest quality. The blade of this example is of no exception, surviving in a perfect state of original preservation, with blade fully etched with vine patterns and CS in Script lettering, obverse blade is finely etched with artillery motif of crossed cannon and floral patterns. Of the few known surviving examples of this very rare pattern Griswold Staff & Field Sword, most are associated with Officers in the New Orleans Washington Artillery. The guard and pommel of this example retain generous amounts of original gold gilt plating. The scabbard retains all of the original leather cover over brass, with mount embellishments of decorative ornate beading. Described as the "Fort Hilt" pattern, with "fort motif" cast into the counter guard, the "Fort Hilt" Thomas Griswold & Company swords are among the rarest of all Confederate Officer swords known to exist today. CS Acquisitions Museum

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