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Sharps Model 1855 U.S. Carbine
Model 1855 U.S. Carbine, Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company, Hartford, Connecticut. Manufactured 1856-1857 in quantities under 700, serial numbered in ranges between 17000 and 22000, with this example #18407. 52 Cal percussion breech loader; with Maynard Tape primer beneath hinged trap door opening downward for loading. Considered an extreme rarity in the Sharps field, the Model 1855 U.S.carbine was the last of the slanting breech carbines. This fine condition example is Martially barrel marked "U.S./ J H". Only 700 were manufactured, with few surviving examples known, as most were utilized in the opening days and weeks of the Civil War. Issued to the Second Texas Dragoons, many Model 1855 U.S.carbines saw hard service prior to the Civil War. Most examples of this rare arm, were utilized by Confederate Cavalry units.  Very Rare.. CS Acquisitions Museum.

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