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Louis Haiman Foot Officers Sword
Louis and Elias Haiman of Columbus, Georgia converted their tinsmithy into an Armory at the onset of the Civil War. They were one of the largest sword manufactories for the Confederate Government, also producing many other catagories of arms and accoutrements for the Confederacy. On November 17th, 1861 Haiman advertised in the Columbus Times, The best quality swords are now made and "for sale" at the "Confederate States Sword Factory", Columbus, Ga. by L. Haiman & Bro who have large contracts for the Confederate Government. The Haiman Foot Officers Sword featured above is authentic and original in every detail. Its blade is in excellent original condition, with no bends. The grip retains its  "original leather wrap"  held tightly in place by a twisted double strand of brass wire. This Confederate Foot Officers Sword is accompanied with its original Haiman manufactured  scabbard.  Confederate utilized swords, enduring several years of hard service, are rare to encounter today. CS Acquisitions Museum

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