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Memphis Novelty Works

Memphis Novelty Works, Thomas Leech & Co, maker of quality manufactured weapons and accoutments for the Confederacy, was owned by Thomas Leech of Memphis, Tennessee. Leech began the manufacture of weapons at Main and McCall Streets, Memphis, Tennessee in September of 1861. Shortly thereafter, was joined in partnership with Charles Rigdon, with firm name acknowledged now as, "Leech and Rigdon" moved their manufactory to Columbus, Georgia in May of 1862 when Memphis fell. Leech & Rigdon are known as makers of revolvers, patterned after Colt revolvers. This manufacturing operation, later moving to Columbus, Mississippi, until early 1863, when they moved again to Greensboro, Georgia. This partnership was dissolved in January 1st, 1864. Leech & Rigdon / Memphis Novelty Works while located in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia, also manufactured accoutments such as this featured spur. A mint condition, non-excavated example, that is published in "Confederate Arms" by Albaugh & Simmons.                           CS Acquisitions Museum 

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