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Leech & Rigdon Staff and Field Foot Officers Sword
Leech & Rigdon, Staff and Field Foot Officers Sword with extra branch, manufactured by Thomas Leech and Charles H. Rigdon. Known as Leech & Rigdon, or additionally as Memphis Novelity Works, this firm is well known for manufacturing Revolvers, Swords, Sabres, Knives, Spurs, Bayonets & Cutlasses. They are well known for their manufacture of Foot Officer Swords with "CS" in an oval on the reverse side of counterguard and Cavalry Sabres of same general design with "CS" in an oval on top of rear counterguard. This manufacturing firm operated in Memphis, then moving to Columbus, Mississippi until early 1863, moving then again to Greensboro, Georgia. A very rare and desirable example in excellent condition with etching remaining on blade.  CS Acquisitions Museum.
CS Acquisitions Museum
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