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First Model Merrill Carbine
Manufactured by H. Merrill, Baltimore, 54 caliber, percussion, single shot breechloader. The main features denoting as a first model are brass patchbox and the forend wood tip, has a sharply tapered contour. Also on  first models, "breech lever is secured by latch of flat knurled type". Regimental inventories taken in field of service as of the Fall, 1864 were over 86,000 carbines. Not all regiments reported their inventory and others provided only partial listings. Confederate utilized Merrills were purchased on the civilian market or captured arms. Research by John McAulay's reference are as follows: 2nd U.S. Colored 588 Merrills, 2nd Colo 86 Merrills, 2nd ARK 14 Merrills, 1st Dela. 169 Merrills, 11th Ill. 25 Merrills, 2nd Ind. 7 Merrills, 7th Ind. 874 Merrills, 12th Ind. 273 Merrills, 16th Ill. 95 Merrills, 2nd Kan. 75 Merrills, 6th Kan. 253 Merrills, 14th Kan. 62 Merrills, 2nd Ky. 197 Merrills, 4th Ky. Mtd. Inf. 74 Merrills, 3rd Mich. 320 Merrills, 2nd Md. Purnell Legion 111 Merrills, 9th Mo State Militia 302 Merrills, 11th Mo. 512 Merrills, 1st Neb. 50 Merrills, 1st N.Y Veteran 5 Merrills, 3rd Ohio 11 Merrills, 10th Ohio 80 Merrills, 11th Ohio 90 Merrills, 17th Penn. 44 Merrills, 2nd Tenn. 228 Merrills, 3rd Tenn. 113 Merrills, 5th Tenn. 305 Merrills, 10th Tenn. 261 Merrills, 12th Tenn. 25 Merrills, 1st Tenn Mtd Inf. 104 Merrills, 2nd Tenn Mtd. Inf. 134 Merrills, 1st Wisc. 303 Merrills and 3rd Wisc. 403 Merrills. A favorite carbine for C.S. Tennessee Cavalry.  CS Acquisitions Museum
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