Spiller & Burr Revolver Serial Number 446
Spiller & Burr Percussion Revolver serial # 446 was manufactured in Macon, Georgia in 1863. Serial number 446 is located on areas, including frame, barrel trigger guard, loading arm, arbor and impressed on each "inside of grip" internally. The serial numbers are made with dies consistent with Spiller & Burr manufacturer. Cryptic Lettering: "D" left side of grip frame and "W" on bottom of grip. All parts are original and correct with this revolver. This example is considered by Confederate standards quite fine and of superior condition, with smooth well patina-ed brass frame, traces of original finish and crisp original "CS" surcharge, ranking among the top 10% studied. Revolver #446 is considered one of the finest condition Spiller & Burr revolvers in existence. An additional Consultation Report and Authentication prepared by John Sexton will accompany the sale to owner. CS Acquisitions provides a "LifeTime Guarantee" of Authenticity. 
CS Acquisitions Militaria
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Sale Price: $45,000.00 USD
For additional information call: 804-536-6413
Item information info@csacquisitions.com

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