Louisiana Waist Belt Plate
Louisiana was the sixth State to adopt an ordinance of Secession, at a Convention held in Baton Rouge, on January 26th 1861, with a vote of 113 to 17. The Pelican feeding its young has been the state seal of Louisiana from the time it was admitted to the Union in 1812, the 18th state. During the Civil War, the Confederate Seal had the Pelican's head turned to its left, with a nest full of young. Featured is a very rare non-excavated Louisiana Waist Belt Plate with accompanying original belt, manufactured between 1861 and 1865. Die-struck brass face measuring 55 X 78 mm, lead filled with brass belt hooks attached by solder. A very rare example, surviving in a near perfect state of original preservation. Priced $9800                        CS Acquisitions Museum  

CS Acquisitions Museum
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Sale Price: $9,800.00 USD
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