Confederate Staff Line Officers Kepi
Confederate Staff Line Officers Kepi with eagle staff visor buttons, constructed from blue wool broadcloth with a tabby weave, with blue wool crown. Kepi accented by 3/32" flat triple gold braid up back seam, front and at angle to the top, with triple-strand qua-trefoil braid at top. Visor is of single leather thickness, black patent leather of excellent construction. Line Officers Kepi is of Civil War period, manufactured of blue wool broadcloth in a tabby weave. Very well tailored Kepi, with silk dress or curtain lining, indicative of Confederate manufacture. A very rare Officers Kepi with three gold braids, of pattern worn by a Confederate Field Line Officer of Major, Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel. Three-strand qua-trefold on the top of cap, surrounded by single strand of gold braid on outer border.                                        CS Acquisitions Museum

CS Acquisitions Museum
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Sale Price: $23,500.00 USD
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