Spiller & Burr
One of the most prolific producers of handguns for the Confederacy was the firm of Spiller and Burr. Edward Spiller ran a commission business in Baltimore, Maryland, then moving to Richmond, Virginia. David J. Burr of Richmond partnered with Edward Spiller, finally bringing a third party, James H. Burton into their arms venture in making arms. On May 27th 1862, Burton was relieved of his command in Richmond and sent south to establish an armory in Georgia. With this change, Spiller & Burr moved their planned site of operation to Atlanta. This second model Spiller & Burr revolver is one of the very rare specimens with the CS stamped on the frame.  All matching serial numbers 3XX, cyrptic "Letter" stamped on inside of brass grip strap. This featured Spiller & Burr revolver is one of the finest condition examples known to exist.                      CS Acquisitions Museum. 

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