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 The official  "Confederate States Naval Officers Sword" showing "Confederate Navy coat-of-arms "Crossed Cannon & Fouled Anchor". William A. Albaugh III  best described this sword as "One of the rarest and most beautiful of all the blades that were drawn in defense of the South." Manufactured by "Firmin & Sons of London England" specifically for Confederate Naval Officers. The reverse of counterguard is hinged so that the weapon can hang flat against the officer's side. Grip of sharkskin, wound with three separate strains of twisted wire. Black leather scabbard is brass mounted, with ring mounts representing square knots of rope, with drag formed of two intertwined snakes or serpents. The intricate chasing on the blade and the casting on the guard appear identical on both the "Courtney & Tenant" or "Firmin & Sons" products, although it is observed the "Firmin & Sons" blades are much more deeply etched, than examples ascribed to "Courtney & Tenant." All brass work on sword and scabbard  is heavily gold plated, with the overall Naval Sword of striking beauty.                   CS Acquisitions Museum
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