Thomas Griswold & Company, New Orleans

Thomas Griswold & Co. of New Orleans, Louisiana Artillery Sabre. In August 1861, the partnership of Hyde & Goodrich was disssolved by the withdrawal of A. L. Hyde and the firm continued as Thomas, Griswold & Co., corner of Canal and Royal Streets, New Orleans. Thomas, Griswold & Co manufactured and sold many types of war supplies but are mainly known for their wide variety of swords, sabres and cutlasses. Shortly after 1861, Thomas Griswold printed a "Lancers Manual" the back page of which was devoted to advertising that Thomas Griswold & Co. were "Importers of Guns, Pistols, Bowie-Knives, Caps and Cartridges." Manufactures of Enfield Rifles, Cavalry and Artillery Sabres, Line and Field Officers Swords and Lances. It is considered "Thomas Griswold of New Orleans" manufactured some of the finest quality swords of the South. Featured is an outstanding example, with firm address marked on blade; T.G&Co, N.O.  CS Acquisitions Museum

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