Remington 1863 Model Percussion Contract Rifle
Excellent condition ”Zouave Rifle,” noted as being one of the best made and designed military arms of the civil war. In excellent 85% condition, 33 inch barrel with bluing present, fastened with 2 brass barrel bands, brass triggerguard and patchbox. Patina untouched and original, cartouches are deep and clear on the left side of the stock opposite the lockplate. Lock is dated 1863 and barrel markings are Steel on left rear flat of the breech, with V/P eaglehead. Tang of buttplate marked US, 1855 style rear sight, steel blade dovetailed front sight, correct ramrod and bayonet lug. Rifle is accompanied with issued sabre bayonet and scabbard, inspectors mark is present and in excellent condition. One of the most popular Rifles of Civil War Arms Collectors.  CS Acquisitions Museum
CS Acquisitions Museum
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